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Raccoon Removal in Pikesville MD

Pikesville Raccoon Removal Solutions provides superior wildlife control, maintenance programs in Maryland. They are A-rated and have been featured on your local TV programs. They specialize in humane trapping, damage repair, and animal removal. They also offer a variety of other services, such as spotting and removing other wildlife.

Pikesville Raccoon Removal is a full-service wildlife control firm in Baltimore, Maryland that specializes in humane catching and removal of raccoons and other wild animals. We can get rid of raccoons in your attic, under your house, tipping over garbage cans, digging up your yard, stealing pet food, pooping in your pool, and any other raccoon mischief! Our trapping experience and ability to deploy the optimal method for your individual wildlife problem is the key to our Raccoon control.


Nuisance Raccoon Control in Pikesville, Maryland

Raccoons are one of the most common pest animals that people have to deal with in and around their houses. As a result, calls to deal with raccoons are among the most common we receive. These animals may wreak havoc on your property, causing damage to the roof, soffits, and even the attic. Pikesville Raccoon Removal can help you with your pest problem

Raccoon shelters in attics, basements, and everywhere else they can reach will be inspected by a Pikesville Raccoon Removal Expert. Mother raccoons will go to any length to locate a safe home to raise their young, and your attic is ideal for them. They'll do a lot of harm both trying to get in and while they're inside. Droppings, shredded insulation, ripped insulation on pipes, wrecked ducting, broken screens, and damaged soffit boards and roofs are just a few of the problems they can cause.

Pikesville, MD Raccoon Removal Services Offered

We are Maryland's leading wildlife and raccoon control experts. We are not your normal raccoon or pest control company in Pikesville. Because wild animals are not insects, we do not regard them as such. To get rid of them, you can't just use poison. You also can't just lay down a couple traps and call it a day.

Every circumstance is different. And keep in mind that if you have raccoons in your home, it's almost definitely a female with a litter of young. Unless these juveniles are manually removed, they will starve to death and die. After they've left, professional repairs must be made to the entry holes in the house. Unlike most pest control companies in Pikesville MD, we focus on long-term solutions.

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Raccoon Exclusion Pricing in Pikesville, MD

Pikesville Raccoon Removal Company understands that each raccoon removal situation is different, depending on the species of raccoon involved, whether the raccoon is inside or outside the home, the extent of damages or cleanup, and so on. It's hard to provide one-size-fits-all pricing.

Give us a call right now and tell us about your raccoon problem, and we'll give you a price quote straight over the phone. If you agree, we can schedule an appointment for the same day or the following day. Our fees are affordable and good value because we do a good job the first time.

Professionally-Trained Raccoon Technicians in Pikesville MD

Our team is ready to clear your property of unwanted wildlife. Raccoons and other animals are removed from attic or property. Following the removal of wildlife from your attic, we can clean and sterilize the area for you. This may involve, if necessary, the replacement of insulation.

Other damage caused by animals in your attic or home, such as torn ductwork or broken electrical cables, can be repaired by us. Rodents, such as raccoons, mice, and squirrels, are known to chew on electrical wires, posing a fire threat.

We specialize in collecting raccoons and humanely removing every one of them, ensuring that no raccoon is hurt. Many animals, such as bats, squirrels, and raccoons leave droppings in your attic or generate foul odors or mold, which we can remove.

We are happy to work on both residential and commercial buildings, as no job is too big or small for our crew. Give us a call at any time, as we always have someone available to take your call. Our entire staff is informed and kind, and they are eager to help you.

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Humane Raccoon Removal

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Raccoon Attic Damage

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Raccoon Roof Damage

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Raccoon Excrement Removal

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